COVID-19 in the winter season – overcoming new challenges with the Winterplex™

Distinguishing COVID-19 infection from other respiratory illnesses is of crucial importance in controlling the spread of the disease. This is especially true during the winter months, where there is a surge in flu cases as well as other illnesses. The genesig® SARS-CoV-2 Winterplex enables clinicians to simultaneously test for COVID-19 and other winter illnesses, providing reliable results in under two hours.   As we enter the winter months of 2020, there are several unknowns about how the severity and spread of COVID-19 [...]


Revolutionising your testing with exsig™ COVID-19 Direct

Hello! Welcome back to our latest blog. All departments have been working tirelessly to find an innovative solution following the bottle-neck of scarce raw materials that clinicians require to test.  SARS-CoV-2 is a continuing pandemic and the demand for the hard to source raw materials continues to be a challenge for many laboratories. Here at Primerdesign we are fully focused on supporting global efforts in the fight against this deadly disease.  Early and accurate diagnosis is pivotal in disease control.  We are [...]


Introducing exsig™

    We are proud to have launched exsig™ a family of extraction workflow products tailored to suit your requirements in testing.  exsig™ is a product range like no other consisting of various products from complete workflow solutions to enhanced magnetic bead technology, so if one product doesn’t suit your needs another will. Together exsig™ can bring to your lab a solution that works on getting the most out of your sample from start to finish to give you great quality and trustworthy results. exsig™ COVID-19 Direct exsig™ COVID-19 [...]