Introducing you to Primerdesign’s brand new blog!

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We are excited to present to you the launch of Primerdesign’s brand new life science and molecular testing blog. This will be the platform for us to share with you educational content and be a source of thought-leadership. The engaging content that the blog will provide, hopefully will stimulate you to contribute and provide feedback to generate an exciting discussion.

The Primerdesign blog will be posting about topical debates, interesting topics and breaking news. We will be providing how-to-guides, and top tips to perform successful real-time PCR, to help you produce the best data. Additionally, we aim to include interviews with you and your latest research breakthroughs. The blog will enable you to remain up to date with latest developments we have as a company and new products we have available.

Jim Wicks, Primerdesign’s Managing Director and one of the original founders of Primerdesign, is delighted with this new feature:

“Our new blog is an exciting development for Primerdesign. We’ll be using this as a platform to help further develop an open and engaging relationship with our customers. We don’t want the blog to be a one-way street, so we encourage you to engage with the content and contributors by adding your own comments and thoughts after each post. This will enable us to tailor our blogs specifically for you.”

Here at Primerdesign, we adore customer interaction and providing an educational service for absolutely anyone’s needs. To achieve both of these, we would love for our customers and readers to get involved, so if there is anything you would like to see featured, please comment below or email We really do want to hear your thoughts, ideas and questions about what is posted on our blogs.

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