The Primerdesign Sweet Shop is Closing

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As many of you in the UK will be aware, Primerdesign have been running our very own sweet shop, Primersweets, since 2013. Each order that we mail out includes a voucher which can be redeemed for a selection of sweets. This was created as a little way of saying thank you to our UK customers for your business and support.

The sweet shop was run virtually by our good friend, Dr Oligoo-Nucleotreat. He served the Primerdesign customers very well, but has now decided it’s time for him to retire to the Costa Del Sol and live out the rest of his days in the sun. So on August 31st 2018, the Primer Sweet Shop will close permanently.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing these sweets with our customers over the years. Here are some stats on the sweet shop that you may find interesting:

  • Since 2013 we sent out 4125 sweet orders
  • The most popular sweet was the fizzy dummy
  • The least popular sweet was the Wham! bars
  • Two customers received 58 sweet orders – these guys have a sweet tooth!
  • Over 615kg of sweets were mailed out
  • The Primerdesign team enjoyed over 212 bowls of sweets!

Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as Dr Oligoo-Nucleotreat is celebrating his retirement by hosting some giveaways and sharing some special sweet shop vouchers for those quick enough to nab them!

Any sweet shop vouchers must be used by August 31st 2018, so please make sure you get your orders in before then! Order via the sweet shop website:

If you have any issues placing your orders, please email


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