Looking for an easy, fast and simple solution for pathogen detection in aquaculture?

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q16 + 5 genesig Easy Kits + 1 genesig Easy DNA/RNA Extraction Kit for £6,449 quote NEQ16A to order*

The genesig® q16 offers RNA and DNA detection of viral, parasitic, bacterial and fungal pathogen detection

The genesig q16 is a RNA and DNA detection instrument which offers direct identification of pathogens affecting all fish and shellfish species. The health and wellbeing of aquaculture life-stock needs to be treated with the utmost importance.

Those animals infected with harmful organisms need quick and easy detection for rapid treatment. Luckily all pathogens leave a fingerprint in the shape of RNA and DNA which will help identify them. Quick RNA and DNA detection will ensure a significant reduction in animals’ suffering, improve livestock yield and attempt to maintain health.

Why should you try a genesig q16 to test aquaculture species pathogens?

  • Quick and simple testing for rapid diagnosis
  • Appropriate for any experience levels
  • Technical support to match and assist throughout
  • Very simple to implement in-house
  • Very small instrument so will not require large space
  • The genesig q16 can be used ANYWHERE (e.g. at the hatchery; no centralised laboratory required)

Why is fast and simple pathogen detection important?

  • Reported that around $6 billion of aquaculture livestock are lost every year globally, to disease problems
  • The genesig q16 could significantly reduce this number if used effectively
  • Some disease prevention is time sensitive and therefore, with the fast detection speed, it should allow for rapid treatment

Why choose genesig q16 over alternatives, such as traditional microbiology and outsourcing testing?

There are benefits for both methods but a clear winner is in the shape of genesig q16. It’s a quick and uncomplicated system, yet still provides superiority in performance.

Simplistic workflow

Primerdesign recognises that many aquaculture experts are new to DNA detection. Our goal is to partner you every step of the way:

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Terms & Conditions
*Offer valid for customers in the UK and Ireland only. q16 + 5 genesig Easy Kits + 1 genesig Easy DNA/RNA Extraction Kit for £6,449 quote NEQ16A to order. Simply quote the promotion code when you place your order to qualify for the offer. Promotions will apply to qualifying orders received until midnight GMT on 30.09.2018, or until promotional supplies are depleted, whichever comes first. Only valid on genesig aquaculture kits. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Each q16 promo code is limited to one code use per customer. All orders are subject to normal shipping and VAT costs where applicable. Promotion void where prohibited by local or institute policy.

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