Primerdesign Festive 3 for 2’s!

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Primerdesign is getting into the festive spirit early! Yes, we know that it’s still November, but we want to make sure our customers get as long as possible to snap up these offers! We’re not quite sure where 2018 has gone, and the New Year will be here before we know it, so we wanted to finish the year with a bang!

From today we are offering 3 for 2 on these product ranges:

The entire Precision qPCR Enzyme and Control range

Our Precision qPCR Master Mix’s are guaranteed superior quality data at an unbeatable price. Compatible with any qPCR platform, they are available in multiple pack sizes and are ISO9001:2015 certified; ISO 13485:2016 certified.

Our high efficiency reverse transcription (RT) kit ensures the ability to detect rare transcripts and obtain the strongest possible real-time PCR signals. As a complete solution, the Precision nanoScript2 Reverse Transcription Kit contains all the necessary reagents including both Oligo(dT) and random nonamers for complete flexibility.

The Primerdesign Precision qPCR endogenous control kit is the perfect endogenous control primer/probe mix. For use with all sample material suited for qPCR, it is available for many animal and plant species, including human, mouse, cow, sheep, grape, wheat, and many others.

Just quote 342PRECISION when ordering.

oasigPLEX Lyophilised qPCR Master Mix

Primerdesign oasigPLEX Lyophilised qPCR Master Mix is a freeze-dried speciality 2X master mix optimised for use in multiplex qPCR. With set up possible at room temperature, it means working from an icebox is not required making experiment set up that much easier.

Quote 342OASIG when ordering.

genesigPLEX qPCR Kit range

genesigPLEX qPCR Kits are unique multiplex qPCR assays that allow simultaneous real-time PCR detection of different preselected viruses. The kits include oasigPLEX Lyophilised qPCR Master Mix, our brand new, unique qPCR master mix optimised for multiplex applications.

The genesigPLEX qPCR Kits are available as multiplex panels for a variety of human pathogens including:

As well as for the veterinary infection

Quote 342PLEX when ordering

The three items must be purchased from the same range, and the complimentary kit will the lowest price item from the three purchased.

This offer runs from 12th November to 21st December.

genesig®PLEX kits are sold for research use only and are not licensed for diagnostic procedures.

Terms & Conditions

Simply quote the promotion code when you place your order to qualify for the offer. Eligible participants who purchase three full price products from the Precision qPCR Enzyme and Control range OR three full price products from the genesigPLEX qPCR Kit range will only need to pay for two of those products, plus delivery and any other applicable charges. The third product will be provided at no additional cost. The complementary product will be the lowest price kit of the three items purchased. This offer applies to qualifying orders received until midnight GMT on 21.12.2018. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Each promo code is limited to one code use per customer. All orders are subject to normal shipping and VAT costs whereapplicable. Promotion void where prohibited by local or institute policy. This promotion is not valid for official Primerdesign distributors.

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