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Primerdesign’s Master Mix Super Offers

We know it’s only November still, but we couldn’t resist in kickstarting and bringing the Christmas joy to you early! 

From today we are offering great deals on our Master Mixes! Yes, you heard that right! We are offering additional Master Mixes for no extra costs! 

Wet Master Mix

Buy 5ml and get 1ml FREE (Receive 6ml)

Buy 10ml and get 2ml FREE (Receive 12ml)

Buy 20 ml and get 5 FREE (Receive 25ml)


Lyophilised Master Mix

Buy 4 for 3 on our Lyophilised Master Mix Range! 


Lyophilised Oasig Standard

(DNA Targets – 150 reactions)


Catalogue Number: Oasig-Standard-150



Lyophilised Oasig OneStep

(RNA Targets – 150 reactions)


Catalogue Number: Oasig-Onestep-150


Our Mastermixes are compatible with all types of qPCR machines, find out which Master Mix is compatible with yours:

Precision PLUS
Precision FAST
PrecisionPLUS OneStep

(Click technical detail to find your machine)

Find out which Master Mix is best for you?

Why choose our wet Master Mix?

  • Guaranteed superior quality data at an unbeatable price
  • Formulations available for any real-time PCR machine
  • Huge cost saving
  • Available premixed with SYBR Green or with Inert Blue Dye at no additional cost
  • Multiple pack sizes available
  • ISO certified


PrecisionPLUS qPCR Master Mix is our next generation qPCR Master Mix and has an antibody-mediated Hot Start mechanism that releases more active enzyme and requires a much shorter activation time. This saves time and the amplification plots have a higher level of fluorescence.

The core components are a hot-start Taq polymerase enzyme with a magnesium chloride-based buffer. Our unique formulation gives a superior quality of data with a bigger signal to noise ratio, brighter, steeper and more precise amplification plots. Stabilisers and preservatives ensure that multiple freeze-thaw cycles do not affect the performance giving you reliable, reproducible results.

Primerdesign real-time PCR reagents are manufactured to the highest standards within our ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2012 certified quality management laboratory environment.

Want to know more? Check out the handbook for the qPCR Precision Plus kits.


Primerdesign PrecisionFAST is designed for rapid cycling protocols that can dramatically shorten run times. The Taq Polymerase has been mutated at the active site and has higher affinity for DNA and faster processing. The buffer has been designed for optimum sensitivity and also to reduce primer dimers which are a common artefact of fast processing enzymes.

Want to know more? Check out the handbook for the qPCR Precision Fast kits

PrecisionPLUS OneStep 

PrecisionPLUS OneStep RT-qPCR Master Mix is an optimised complete system for use in one-step real-time PCR. Removal of a separate reverse transcription step reduces handling errors and greatly reduces the time taken to obtain results.

It also has a higher affinity for primer-template duplexes which allows very rapid processing during the RT step. This enables reverse transcription to be completed in under 10 minutes. The Master Mix also contains Taq Polymerase as well as buffer and MgCl2 at concentrations optimised for the amplification step. Only the RNA template and primer and probe mix are required to complete the experimental set up for a perfect single-tube reaction.

Want to know more? Check out the handbook for the qPCR OneStepPLUS?

Lyophilised Master Mixes

The oasig freeze drying process stabilises all of the active components allowing these reagents to be shipped and stored at room temperature. This hugely simplifies the logistics of purchasing, shipping and using the technology. Whether you are in a sophisticated laboratory in Texas or a mobile field hospital in Timbuktu we can supply complete qPCR kit and reagent packages to your door quickly and cheaply via standard shipping methods without the need for dry ice or a cold chain of any sort.

A breakthrough product range:

  • No cold chain shipping
  • Simple transport logistics
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Exceptional data quality
  • Simple protocol
  • Suitable for all real-time PCR machines

Check out the Oasig Standard handbook for more information

Check out the Oasig OneStep handbook for more information

If you would like to receive a quote for any of our products on offer contact or head over to our LiveChat on the homepage to contact us.

Terms & Conditions

Simply quote the promotion code when you place your order to qualify for the offer. Eligible participants who purchase full price products from the Precision qPCR Range will receive the additional products quoted above using the promotion codes only. The 1ml, 2ml and 5ML additionally received upon placing an order using the quote will be provided at no additional cost. Delivery charges apply and any other applicable charges including VAT costs may apply where necessary. This offer applies to qualifying orders received until midnight GMT on 13.12.2019. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Each promo code is limited to one code use per customer.  Promotion void where prohibited by local or institute policy. This promotion is not valid for official Primerdesign distributors.

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